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Task 1
What do you think is the best activity that young children should join to do to improve their sense of responsibility? [2015.11.1]

Task 2
Some people prefer to wear a headset listening to music while they are moving from one place to another; Others prefer to go in silence. Which way do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice. [2015.11.1]

Task 3
【个人倡议】:一个学生写倡议书给大学校报,建议学校create a bicycle borrowing program。理由1、campus is large,教学楼academic buildings are far away from each other, some students have to drive, sometimes it causes transportation problems。可以缓解学校的交通压力reduce traffic jams。理由2、学生们可以锻炼身体get exercise and will be good for students’ health, since he is busy with business and study, he has no time doing exercise in gym, however, you can get exercise when you go to the school if you ride the bicycle.聽
【学生态度】:男生支持此倡议。理由1、虽然学校教学楼academic buildings到宿舍dorms比较远,如果所有学生都开车的话,学校道路拥挤,不利于学校的交通。理由2、学生们比较忙,要忙于学业study,assignment和 part-time job, 平时也没时间锻炼身体go to gym。如果骑自行车的话,不需要extra time to exercise,可以有助于他们锻炼身体。[2015.11.1]

Task 4
【名词解释】:tolerant ecotype( 耐性生态型)。植物species可以tolerate harsh condition并Adapted,且这种adaptation会传给后代(their offspring have evolved the adaption)。
【教授举例】:教授举了一个试验作为例子。科学家做了一个试验,Opium,在受到copper contaminated soil 里原本不能生长(hard to survive),然后发现在这种受到copper污染的土地里面grow了这种植物后,发现这个污染区的seeds也能在这种环境germinate,而其他的regular植物种子都死了。问题:用讲座中的例子阐释tolerant ecotype。[2015.11.1]

聽the woman''''s roommate is moving out and she and her other roommates agreed to see the new roommate. but she has a geography discussion group to attend .

solution 1:
1. don''''t go to the discussion聽
2. ask the other roommates to go see the new roommate.

1. 不利于员工的创造力。 E.g. 一个卖衣服的店,原先员工们会用不同的消化来吸引顾客,但是后来他们针对每一个顾客都用一样的段子,销售额下降了。
2. 额外成本。标准化的流程是需要员工和上级付出很多精力和时间的,这些都不可能是免费的。
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